Winter Carpet Care and Pets

With winter fast approaching there is no doubt those with pets, especially dogs, are going to experience more indoor time with their little pet bundles of joy. This inevitably means more wear and tear on your carpets and more pet stains in the house. Pets are fun but they can do a number on your carpets. Pet stains are second to none when it comes to difficulty in cleaning. This article provides a few quick tips to help keep your carpets looking and smelling good this winter even with man’s best friend in the house.

Clean Right Away

Probably the worst thing you can do for the care of your carpets is to allow your dog’s urine or poo stain to go unclean and untreated for any period of time. The best advice we can give is to clean an area as soon as you notice it. This also goes for cats throw up and hair ball clumps in the carpet. Leaving these messes to go unattended for even a short period of time can be all it takes to have a stain that hangs around forever. To prevent this, always keep a bottle of pet specific rug cleaner in your house. There are a number of decent over the counter products available such as Resolve’s pet product. Many pet stains will not lift with over the counter cleaners and require a deeper steam clean from a professional. If you find your pet stains are not coming up like you would like, call us immediately and will make those areas look and smell like new.

Vacuum Regularly

This may seem like an obvious one but many indoor pet owners don’t do it. If you have pets in the house, you should be vacuuming every week if not more. This will not only help get up lose material before it sets into the carpet and becomes a stain, but will also keep you alerted to problem areas and thus prevent pet fluids from setting in. If you haven’t been vacuuming regularly and the carpets are already at the nasty stage, don’t put off calling us any longer. Get us in and out and start the better upkeep going forward.

Get a Quote

Call us know to get a quote over the phone. We are the pros at cleaning pet stains and making your carpets look new again. You will probably be entertaining for the holidays so get us in to make your floors sparkle. Call 801-618-1390 to speak with a Utah Carpet Cleaner now.

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