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Ask These Questions When Searching for Your Carpet Cleaner in Utah

This article provides you with a list of questions you can ask your Utah carpet cleaner before hiring one to come in your home and treat your carpets. Before you spend money on just any old carpet cleaning company, you should make sure you know what type of a company is coming into your home and whether or not they are qualified to get the job done right.

These 10 questions will help ensure you get the best bang for your

1. What are the methods of carpet cleaning you employ?

There can be several different methods of carpet cleaning. Some use just truck mount systems, others use a non truck mountain system. Both can be effective but make sure you ask what the company uses and also what solutions are used.

2. Are there any extra charges for services such as heavy stain removal?

Many companies like Father & Son will include heavy stain removal as part of the basic service. However, we have heard of some cleaning companies that will try and tack on extra charges for basic services so beware.

3. Is pet treatment included?

If you have pets, make sure you discuss pet urine treatment before to ensure you get the most accurate quote possible.

4. How are the carpet pretreated, or are they pretreated at all?

Every carpet cleaner should pre treat the carpets before cleaning. We spray the carpets with an eco friendly solutions to help pull the stains to the service for a deeper clean.

5. How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

Your carpets should not be wet all day after the carpet cleaners leave. If they are, there is a problem.

6. Are you locally owned or part of a big franchise?

Many of our clients hire us because we are a locally owned and operated family company. We are a part of the community so our reputation means everything.

7. Do you offer a full satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, and any good carpet cleaning company should.

8. Are you running any current specials?

Often, carpet cleaning companies are running certain deals that you may be able to take advantage of. Don’t hesitate to ask if the company is running a deal.

9. Are your solutions eco and/or pet friendly?

This is increasingly more and more important to clients. We us only eco and pet friendly solutions and so should everyone because in today’s world of carpet cleaning, the eco friendly solutions are just as effective or more so than the other products.

10. What other cleaning services do you provide?

Often, your carpet cleaning company can do more than just the carpets. For instance, we can also clean your tile floors, upholstery, automobile interior, and even your dryer vents. You might be able to get all your cleaning needs done in one day with your carpet cleaning company.

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