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You just placed that big, tall, cold, glass of grape juice on the coffee table when low and behold; the little one accidently knocks it off onto the freshly vacuumed carpet sending a splash of dark red/purple juice everywhere. You panic, thinking your carpet and sofa will be stained forever. Yeah, we have all been there. Don’t worry; you can save the carpet and the sofa by following a few of the tips we give here in this article. We know it looks bad, but following a few simple stain removal tips from Utah’s best carpet cleaners, Father & Son, will help.

Act Quickly to Remove the Stain

First, act quickly! Don’t throw your hands up in the air and say oh well (or something worse), act fast. The best thing you can do when this or any other common potential stain scenario occurs is to start properly cleaning before the stain has a chance to really set in. Once you give it even 5 minutes, the stain is going to leek down and sit itself nicely in the carpet or upholstery and laugh at you as you try and get it out. Don’t let it soak and get the better of you. Jump to it and you will give yourself the best chance of returning your carpet to that fresh non stained look.

White Towels Only

Second, use only carpet cleaning liquid and a white towel. Using a white towel is key because colored towels contain dye that will fade into the carpet as you scrub your brain outs. We have been called to clean many stains where the home owner has done more harm than good by scrubbing the carpet with a dark colored towel. Especially if you are using a cleaning solution, the dye from a colored towel will easily bleed into your carpet or furniture. Thus, a white towel is crucial!

Water & Dry

Third, blot out the stain with water and the white towel. Once the cleaning liquid has dried, take some water and a white towel and gently blot it out until the carpet dries again. There is no need to scrub, in fact, scrubbing the carpet often makes it worse. Be gentle; remember not to overdo it which is common when you are franticly cleaning.

Father & Son Carpet Cleaning

Finally, if after everything dries and the stain is still there, you are going to need some industrial grade cleaner and a professional touch. That is where we come in. Customers are always amazed at the stains we are able to remove. From wine and grape juice, to pet urine and even blood, we have seen it all and we have made it all disappear. No job is too scary for Father & Son Carpet Cleaning. To get us in and on your way today, call us now at 801-618-1390 and speak with one of our Utah carpet cleaners now.

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