Home Cleaning Tips for Fall

Fall is in full swing so we wanted to provide a handful of our favorite fall cleaning tips to help you keep your home in tip top shape for the holidays just around the corner. Spring is not the only time of year in which it makes sense to take care of a few long needed trouble areas around the house. In fact, for many reasons as you will see below, fall is the best time of year to do the tasks we have outlined for you:

Clear Those Rain Gutters

After all those leaves have fallen and before the snow starts to pile up, take an hour or two, pull out the ladder, and clear all the leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your rain gutters. Keeping your gutters clean can save your home from potentially worse problems that result. When your gutters are clogged, water is more likely to pool on your roof leading to leaks and even termites. Water can also pool off the roof pudding up next to the home causing issues for windows, walls, and even your foundation. For those that don’t have time, or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle, we provide rain gutter cleaning services in Utah so call us now to get the job done for you.

Get Your Kitchen Ready for Winter

We all seem to cook a lot more during the holiday season, maybe putting on a few extra pounds in the process. Prepare your kitchen so you are not cooking and storing food in a dirty environment. Winterize your kitchen by cleaning out the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. These three appliances often go neglected and nothing gets used more in your house than these during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure those tile floors in the kitchen are nice and clean as well for all the visitors you will have over. For a deep clean job on the tile kitchen floors, call us today.

Clean Your Car’s Interior

You may be keeping the outside looking spotless, but what about the inside of your car where you actually spend all your time? Many people neglect the inside of their vehicles allowing crumbs and all kinds of who knows what accumulating on the floor. Summer fun often leads to all kinds of dirt and mud tracked in your vehicle. Clean the inside before winter hits so you’re not mixing snow and rain with crumbs and camping dirt from the months before. Father and Son can get your vehicle’s carpets and rugs looking like new.

Clean Your Garage

During the summer months, it’s no big deal to allow your garage to become an extra storage unit rather than a place to actually store your cars. After all, your car hasn’t been 30 below zero in the mornings with an inch thick of ice stuck to the window. However, with winter right around the corner, you’re going to want the luxury of a warm car parked in the garage all night with no snow or ice to remove. Call us now to get your garage all cleaned out and organized.

Remove Pollen, Bugs, and Dust – Get Your Carpets Cleaned!

During the fall and winter months we stay in our homes more. But without a good thorough clean in the fall, we will just be trapping ourselves up with all the pollen, bugs, dust, and other particles we tracked in with the summer. Do a deep clean of the house in general before trapping yourself up for the winter. Carpets are chief among this as our carpets and upholstery hold the majority of summer crap we want out. Contact Father and Son now to make sure your carpets are cleaned and all that garbage removed.

Utah Carpet Cleaners | Fall Cleaning Services

Father and Son can handle all the tasks outlined above so you can relax, enjoy the beautful time of year, and be prepared for the holidays. Call your trusted Utah Carpet Cleaners at Father & Son to get started on your fall cleaning tasks.


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