Drying Your Carpet From Water Damage

If flooding occurs in your home, you should take care to properly dry your carpets and determine what, if any, floor material should be removed and/or repaired. Flooding in a home can occur in a variety of ways. Clean water flooding typically occurs when a sink or clean water pipe breaks in your home or when leakage into your home from a serious rain storm. Unsanitary flooding in your residence most often occurs from a backed up toilet or other common problem with the sewage system. Sewage or groundwater is often referred to as black water and can seriously damage your carpets and flooring. There are also serious health risked associated with black water damage in your home since such water can rapidly cause mold, mildew, and other bacteria. As such, it is important to take immediate action if you carpet have been exposed to black water. So how to do you know if water damage has led to mold under your carpets and in the flooring? Mold is easily detectable because is usually black and has an odor. If you notice anything like this you should have an expert do an inspection as soon as possible.

How to Dry Your Carpets from Water Damage

In order to properly dry your carpets from water damage, you should follow these basics steps. First, begin by removing all furniture and other items giving weight to the carpet from the room or area in need of repair. Next, disinfect the carpet with a cleaning solution. Pry the carpet up using the proper tools. Remove any damaged padding under the carpet and replace with new carpet padding (remember to keep the carpet elevated as you remove the padding underneath). Using a strong force, adhere the carpet back to the tack boarding underneath. Finally, set up fans in the area (industrial fans work best) for 36 hours. If after all of these steps there is no change the look of the carpet, you will need to replace it.

Utah Carpet Repair Company

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