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Alot Goes Into Getting a Carpet Really Clean and Healthy

You would be surprised how much effort goes into getting your carpet clean.  To provide the best carpet cleaning possible we start with using well designed state of the art equipment and truck mounts which we maintain properly in accordance with manufacturers specifications. Our vehicles are also properly maintained so that we don’t drip oil on your driveway and arrive at your house timely manner. The importance of proper maintenance of our equipment is critical to having the right rinse water temperature which is over 200 degrees fahrenheit and the right amount of extraction and vacuum power in order to extract or pull all the soil out of the carpet and leave it as dry and clean as possible.  We use the finest solutions and pre sprays made in the USA for the purpose of professional carpet cleaning and to be used with truck mounts.  The solutions and pre-spray is biodegradable and Earth friendly. We can even use solutions that are safe for people with asthma or gluten free for those sensitive to gluten.

We do not take a one size fits all approach; this helps us stand out as Utah’s highly rated carpet cleaner.  There are different carpet grades, colors, fibers, and a multitude of other reasons why each carpet should be treated as a unique product for cleaning purposes. We create a customized cleaning prespray on the spot after we identify the needs of your carpet and the soil level. That mixture is then incorporated into a deep steam cleaning hot water extraction process.  The solutions we use and the methods we employ are exactly what the manufacturers want done to your carpet to get it clean and healthy.   What works best for your carpet is what we will do.

Reasons to Clean Your Carpets?

The top three reasons to clean your carpet:

1.  Health and safety.  Your carpet acts like a huge in door filter for your air and everything that falls onto it.  Grease / oils and other contaminants will adhere to the fibers and then particulates will adhere to the grease and oils no longer being able to be extracted by your household vacuum.  Other contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander and dust mites are no match to our deep steam clean system.

2.  Longevity of your carpet.  It is the particulates that your household vacuum cannot extract that hasten the destruction of the carpet fibers.  These particulates act like sand paper scratching your carpet with each step.  The particulates will eventually fall into the backing of the carpet thereby reducing the integrity of the backing which secures the fibers that you walk on.  Eventually, the particulates will work into the padding destroying the padding and fall through the padding onto the sub floor which is either wood or concrete.  This scenario is the reason that carpet manufacturers will state in their warranty to you that you must have a deep steam clean at least once a year if not more to prevent particulates from getting buried into the carpet system. The experts who are the carpet manufacturers opine that if you see traffic stains or other spots on your carpet that a deep steam clean hot water extraction should have happened sooner.

3.  Appearance.  Why live with dirty carpet when it can be cleaned so easily if done the right way?  You would not just vacuum your clothes, otherwise your clothes would get just as soiled as your carpet.  Just as your clothes need to be washed and rinsed so does your carpet.

This may seem obvious because everyone knows that their carpet gets dirty. The problem is that most people have no idea what gets into their carpet just from everyday use.  However, we can help because no matter the soil level or level of neglect we are able to make your carpet look as new as possible under the circumstances.

Cleaning your carpet is not something that should be delayed.  In addition to regular vacuuming, you should have your carpet cleaned at least once a year.  Families who wear their shoes in the home and have a number of children or pets should consider having their carpet cleaned more than once a year.

Regular deep steam cleanings will help your carpet stay clean, healthy and last longer.  Plus, your carpet will just look better and give your home a more acceptable ambiance.

We Are Your Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Experts

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